Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is not a safe world anymore....

After reading a newspaper article few days ago, I felt shocked because in Malaysia, there are too many cases involving women and children. We are supposed to be living in a harmony country, yet we are facing too many cruelty  every second in our lives.

A young mother was forced to choose : either to let her daughter to be raped or herself as the victim. So, the poor mother let herself to be the victim after few intruders broke into her house and stole some money. The intruders were not satisfied with the money, so they wanted to finish up their work - their lust!

I felt terrified after reading the whole article because we are supposed to feel safe in our own house. Crimes can happen anywhere and we are hoping that our house would be the last place. But, they will find ways to get into our door whether we like it or not.

The law enforcement should take action against these kinds of crimes to make sure that we can live in a safer place. Most husbands who work late at night will not feel at ease after they have read the sad news about the young mother. Women and children seem to be an easy target for they are weak and vulnerable. Bad men will always look down on them. I feel insecure when I read newspaper everyday. It seems that crime cases have been increasing nowadays.

I hope that the criminals will be caught and they must serve their time in the prison for a long time as what they have done cannot be undone. A future of a mother has been tarnished by their dirty action.

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