Monday, November 8, 2010

Expecting the unexpected....

Recently a bad news has tarnished our school's name. Actually it was based on an old story published by a local newspaper not too long ago. My guess is that that poor local newspaper has nothing more to report on us. The bad news that I heard was the culprit who tarnished our school's name is someone related to the school itself. I don't really know who the person was, but I think the person has nothing important to do other than spreading bad words about us.

Actually, I've thinking a lot. We have been suffering for few months this year just because of a bad news that hurt our feelings - the teachers, the students and not to forget the community. I don't see what's the point of spreading bad news about something or someone even if you don't like the person.

I've been holding a post in my school for three years now. But, on my third year, there are some people who don't really like the way I work. So, spreading bad words about me is the only way to bring me down. I felt hurt this year when I have to confront the principal of something that I have done correctly but misunderstood by certain people. It was more than once. My pride was hurt at that time.

I don't like to a slave to anyone. I work because of Allah. I work to earn halal income. I work because my husband has given his permission for me to work. Why are those people keep stabbing me from the back? Recently, I heard someone told me that those people might hold a grudge against me. I don't really understand why they are doing this to me. What did I do to them?

But, as I sit down and relax - something occurs to me, they are being jealous of me having many friends and I don't really have problems with anyone in school. I guess they don't like people who are friendly towards other people. They seem to come from a different world.

I thought people would become wiser as the time passes by. Adults should not fight. Adults should discuss matters like adults. I thought people might change somehow, but it seems that adults can act like a child sometime. I'm not as old as they are. But they are acting like children who thought I stole their candies. What a shame! They are the one who should act more wiser than me!

On the other hand, I learn a lot from my seniors and I manage to bring myself up and not to let myself leaning on anyone's shoulder for something that I know I can do best. (Although sometimes, I do need help from my colleagues to do team work).

Expecting the unexpected is something that I learn through my working years. I think we all learn the same thing as we grow older and should be more wiser. Some people can be good friends and there are some people who turn out to be great foes. You have to be careful and always think the best for you. Sometimes, being alone can help me thinking wiser than being in a crowd. But, I do need friends. Friends are important too, and so are my family members. But still, being alone sometimes can help you to seek the answer that you are searching for.

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