Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A wife has the right to SULK! Whether the husband likes it or not, I believe that is the ultimate power to melt his heart for neglecting the wife's feeling. I'm talking about husband-and-wife-relationship. The ultimate relationship with a strong bond. Not some kind of stupid love affair without a string.

As a Muslim I believe in marriage to avoid many bad things that could happen either to our physical or mental health. I don't believe in 'affairs' before marriage (if you know what I mean). But nowadays, couples tends to have those kinds of affairs before marriage.

I don't want to touch more on that. What I want to stress on is that I know that a wife has the right to get what she deserves best after giving her all out in a day of working and being a mother. Not to forget to tend to his needs. Don't go to far into his 'needs' because the elaboration doesn't really fit in here!

Being a teacher in school and being a mom at the same time is not really fun. Sometimes it could be fun but I do need some rest at home too after working more than 8 hours in school. But when I reached home, my exhaustion seems to get even worse! It is so hard to help your wife at home? Is it too difficult to do some chores at home? We are husband and wife - for God's sake! We are supposed to be a good team!

Don't tell me that a husband will lose his dignity if he helps his wife to do the chores. I'm sure most of the wives nowadays are working at the same level with their husbands (or maybe higher than the husband - pardon me!). Earning money is not the husband's concern anymore. It is one way or another. But, the wife can manage to do many works at the same time. Multi-tasking is not impossible for most of us, right?

Still, husbands seems to forget that the wives can be so exhausted after a tiring day with the work, the children and the household. So, be considerate for us, will you? It will lessen our burdens and we will love you guys even more. Remember, we use to hold our anger for quite some times. Don't let it out if you want to be safe in this field.

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