Thursday, October 28, 2010

When The Husband Cooks...

I do feel tired after having a hectic day in school. Then I have to rush back to fetch my twins and when I reach home, I have to cook for dinner. That is a routine for me for these few years. I believe that most working women out there are having the same routine like me.

But, sometimes I do ask my husband to cook something nice for me. He loves cooking, but he doesn't have enough time to show his hidden talent. In fact, he is a better cook than me - believe me.

Most men nowadays know how to cook or they even learn to cook in a way to survive their bachelor years before getting married. They seem to have talent in cooking. Not to say that women are not good in cooking, but there are some women who do not like to cook. But not me - I love cooking and baking but I'm not the type of person who like to eat varieties of food at one time. It could be one dish to satisfy my need. My husband is the same - he will complain if I have cooked few dishes on a certain day.

My point here is - a wife will be appreciated if the husband feels free to cook on a certain day. It could be on Sunday or at any day that he feels like cooking for his wife and children. The family which eats together will have a strong bond - that's what my mother used to say.

My favourite dish would be based on chicken. It could be anything as long as it's based on chicken. My husband eats anything that I have cooked for him and he won't complain. If there's something wrong with the taste, he would let me know in a polite manner. This is because I don't really expert in cooking traditional dishes. I can cook, but not as good as my mom (or his mom). He loves my mom's varieties of food especially the Kelantanese dishes which I don't really intend to learn - somehow I have to learn for his sake (hopefully).

So, for husbands out there - cooking can be a great way to show your love towards your family. Make a way for you wife to have a rest day. It will be a great pleasure for her after working as hard as you...

Choose your dish, and surprise her with your talent. By the way, most wives (that I know) will love to taste the food prepared by their loving husband...Have a nice day...:)

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