Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sex Education in School...What's your point of view?

I've been helping our Form Three Co-ordinator for the past few weeks after Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) - an examination for Form Three students. We have done many activities to cater their needs after the big exam. We also have scheduled seminars and talks in terms of life and education.

Today, a quite heavy talk has taken place with the title : HIV : The Causes and Effects. Like usual, I was there to monitor my Form Three students. There were at least one hundred of them today and at least six Form Five classes were there too (it's a part of Form Five program under Caunselling Unit).

So, there was I and not to forget few teachers to monitor their own classes apart from the Form Three students - waiting for the talk to begin. Slowly he (I don't want to mention any agencies) started his talk by doing a slight introduction to his topic. 15 minutes later : he began to show some pictures and videos - I was too shocked to see a video made by him and his co-workers and I have to walk away to get some fresh air. I felt muzzy, dizzy and nauseated after watching that video. I even threw up!

I saw a Malay couple 'doing the thing' on a bike - fully dressed but well performed. The students started to shout and make some silly noises. I know that most of them are exposed to the whole idea, but to show it clearly is not really a good way. But still, he went on and on talking about the 'ways' and the 'effects' especially to the girls without giving a single thought of his choice of words. I felt sick through the whole day. I have to sit outside without watching any other slides or videos.

Some girls even threw up after watching a male-masturbation video shown during his talk. Lucky me - I wasn't there to watch it. I might collapse immediately. The video was not a short one, by the way.

And then some boys were restless after seeing those fancy videos of him and started to act out in the hall. And discipline teachers were there to make things look normal again. Thanks to them, I have my peace at last.

I wonder...If the Sex Education is a part of school's syllabus, who's going to teach it? I'm sure the science teacher will have something to say about it. Or even Ustazah or Ustaz (for Islam education) would do something about it. Well, there are advantages and disadvantages in teaching the sex education I guess, but still, I believe the students should be thought in a gentle, discreet ways. Not to mention the usage of those fancy videos - they would only arouse the students' nature to try out those actions. I don't dare to think the consequences of today's talk. I wouldn't!

But...who am I to give such ideas? I'm just an ordinary teacher and a mother of two. My thoughts would have never been allowed to be discussed anywhere. What would you say? The important question for the day : What do you really think of it?


Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya saya pernah menjadi Jurulatih Kanan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia untuk Program Remaja Sihat Sejahtera(Program Pendidikan Seks ). Itu bukan cara pendidikan seks .Isi kandungan program lebih kepada cara pencegahan kehamilan, status wanita, membuat keputusan yang bijak, .Oh apa akan jadi....pegawai mana yang datang ni ? Kalau beginilah caranya tentu sekali GURU tidak layak mengajarnya.(Baca: Tidak berani,Tidak patut )

sophietarmizi said...

emmm....kita ni ibarat mentimun dgn durian....


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