Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Julie & Julia

This week movie is called Julie & Julia...based on two different true stories but related to each other. It might be a boring one if you don't like cooking and blogging...

This movie is interesting to me me because I like true stories. They inspire me to see life from different perspectives. Julie Powell loves Julia Child who learns how to cook while she was staying in Paris with her husband in 1948. Meanwhile, in 2002, Julie Powell started to challenge herself to try out all the 524 Recipesin 365 Days - in her small kitchen.

Although I have read some negative comments about the movie, I still like the way Julie forced herself over the limit each time she fails in doing the things that she loves the most - cooking and blogging.

This movie is can be a motivation for those who are trying to do things but suddenly stop in the middle of the process to begin another project without finishing the first thing first. Just like me.....

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