Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hope and Pray...

PMR has finally started for Form 3 Students. This morning I saw the faces of my dearest students. Some of them were holding books - pretending to do the last minute study. And some of them were busy catching up new stories as they were on leave yesterday.

I saw some students who came from 'not so good class' were busy flipping through their books as if they were memorizing things from it. The truth is, they have never paid any attention while the teacher was teaching in class since January until September. They were busy sleeping and day-dreaming all day.
I felt sorry for those students and for their parents who have spent a lot of money just for their education.

Teenagers nowadays don't seem to care about their future or even about their parents who work night and day just to earn enough money for them. I felt sorry for those parents. When I met some of my students this morning (I'm teaching intermediate classes), they asked me to pray for them.

Praying is one thing and striving is a different thing. But still, I will pray for them because I love them so much that I couldn't bear to see them being a failure. I really hope that they can achieve the best because this exam will determine which class they are going to be in next year.

I know that many teachers will feel the stress right now as our students are trying so hard after three years studying for this examination. Whether our students can get what they want or not, they should have known better that Rome was not built in just one day....

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