Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Back-up Plan

Jennifer Lopez is a talented woman. She has everything that she wants. I love her movies especially romantic-comedy because it helps me to relax and laugh out loud. So, watching this movie makes me smiling to my ear because it is about 'expecting' the new ones.

I have experienced a pregnancy with twins and I know that it is hard to carry extra baggage when you are supposed to have one during your first pregnancy. One thing that I like about Hollywood movies is that they will make things seem so Jennifer's bloated stomach.

Zoe (Jennifer) has thought about living alone as a single parent and then she decided to get inseminated with someone's sperms. But things happened after the insemination whereby she met Stan (Alex) accidentally and started their love story. Many funny incidents happened after that and I like the moment when Stan freaked out after knowing that Zoe has concieved twins.

This movie is not suitable for under-age viewers. Don't expect actions because this movie is just to help you ease your mind after working hard all day. Have fun...

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