Monday, October 11, 2010

Angel of Death...

When we talk about death...what is it that you will think first? Is it your parents? Is it your wealth? Or is it yourself? Last Thursday, my aunt passed away after being sick for more than one year. She was a great woman, a kind aunt and a wonderful mother of four. She was my father's sister (my father is the eldest of nine siblings and my aunt was the third child).

Her children were with her since the day she found out that she was having this mysterious sickness that the doctor couldn't even tell. But the day she died, the doctor just said that she was having serious germ-infections. I don't really understand about that, but what I really know that she had suffered greatly this year. I couldn't bear to watch her without crying.

I felt relieved for her children because they have done a tremendous job tending their mother in the deathbed. They took care everything until the end. They are good children in the sense that they have the opportunity to take care of her while she was alive. For me, it was the greatest way to show their love towards their mother. They would leave everything just to take care of her needs.

They lost their mother and we lost our aunt. We felt sad but not to compare with her children's sorrow of losing their beloved mother. One thing for sure, they were there to witness everything - every single moment until she left them forever. It was sad, but it will happen to all of us whether we like it or not.

When we talk about death, have you done everything that you should have done in your life? Whether it is about you or any other people, you should have planned your life before hand. If you are rich enough, you might give all your wealth to your family. But if you come from a moderate background, you should save some money for your children in the future. You can't even tell when the death is coming to get you, can you? Well, better be safe than sorry...The Angel of Death will never wait for you...

I hate talking about death, but I always tell my husband that I allow him to remarry with someone else if I die someday. And then we will have this little argument because he hates listening to this topic. But, I do think that we have to consider that as a fact of life (a matter of life and death - don't you think?)

So, because I come from a moderate family, I have opened a bank account for my twins and put some money just for the rainy days...and I have alloted some money for insurance - just in case I died of accidents. Who knows our death-date (is it correct?). Well, I should be doing something good before I left them someday...

I really pray that I will live long enough until my twins have finally grown up. Then I think I can rest in peace because they can take care of their lives for hurts me everytime I think about that. But life is written for us. We have to follow where it takes us to...until the end.

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