Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Students in comparison....

I used to be a student and I know that there is a big gap between students back then to the students in this new era. When I went into this particular class this morning, I couldn't even smile because the students tend to be so rude and they would talk back to every single thing I said to them. I was annoyed and I couldn't help myself to be mad at them.

Most students nowadays have lost their sense of respect to their own teachers. And parents keep blaming the teachers for not 'teaching' their children the manners and how to become an adult. Parents keep complaining when it comes to the results in their children's exams. I hate to say that it is actually the duty of the parents to teach their own offsprings on how to become a good son / daughter / student. But they seem to be tangled in their own work that they couldn't even spend some quality time with their children.

Being a teacher doesn't mean that I have to be involved in my students' life after school. But the nature of a teacher does help me to become a better teacher and some of my students do share their problems with me in terms of life or even their biggest secret. I do feel sorry for some students who don't really get the attention at home. Moreover, I feel attached to each and every student I have through all these years.

Students are only human beings. You all used to be students back then, don't you? So, you would know how it feels when no one to listen to your side of the story. I try my best to guide my students on the right path of life. And I'm happy for I have so many 'sons' and 'daughters' to be proud of.

On the other hand, I feel sorry for those students who don't want to try to change their perspective of life. They simply thought that they can earn enough money although they have not gotten the good results in most of their exam papers. They are not being well guided because they are lack of attention and love. So, I feel pity for them. I've tried so hard to drag them with me, but they seem to lose my grip... What can I do? I'm only a human...

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