Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh MEN!!!

When we talk about woman / lady / girl...somehow we assume that they all are the same. Well, technically yes. But still there are some features about them are overwhelming and outstanding if to compare with man / guy / boy.

I wish that all men out there try so hard to understand us, the women. Some of us do have some kinds 'attitude' problems but please try to understand that we are created that way. We are supposed to be the other part of men : meaning the best half of you guys. Not to say that most women are problematic, but there are stronger features inside us that men should acknowledge.

I'm tired of being seen as a weak creature that could not speak for myself. I'm tired of using my energy for those who don't want to work on their own. Just because I'm a woman, it doesn't mean that I'm weaker than a man.

A great man will know how to treat a woman. A gentleman learns to appreciate the lady. A noble man would respect the virtues of a lady. So, I wish that men learn how to respect women as we try so hard to convince them that we can stand tall like them.

Being a wife can be pathetic sometimes. I have to endure all the 'great times' with my family although sometimes I feel like shouting out loud that I'm being tortured mentally. Born with a hot-temper doesn't help me in term of handling some of my own issues. But I have tried so hard not to let my temper out easily. I would end up crying silently. My heart feels heavy when I do that.

I have tried so many methods to overcome my temper and not to forget about my changing moods that sometimes lead to silent fight between me and my husband. If I can find the remedies, why can't he? I've tried my best to be a better wife and mother. Still, temper is my greatest weakness that I need to control and learn to overcome it. Years and years of practice do help me enduring all the pains either caused by me or my husband. But, I really hope that I'm not the only one who's trying so hard to change for the benefit of my partner. If he doesn't want to am I supposed to endure it anymore?

I really need help. I don't want to be the bad person because I know that in marriage, toleration is the best policy. But, if I can't tolerate  his nonsense anymore, what should I do? Men should know that we, women have our own limit when it comes to patience. If men keep challenging us, they should know that we are capable of doing the worst things.

1) A woman needs a listener not a whiner : We love talking. I'm sure that most women love chit-chatting while doing almost everything. We just need a listener. All you have to do is LISTEN! We don't really care about you comments. But, if we really need some comments, advices, or even pep talks, we will ask for it politely.

2) Show us your concern : Most men only show their concern during the 'romantic-period' a.k.a dating time. After they have got what they want, they tend to forget that women need love, care and respect. Not so much to ask for, isn't it?

3) Treat us good : Women have a tender, soft heart. It could be easily melted down just by cheesy stuff uttered by men. So, please, treat us nicely and don't ever cheat on us. We might 'kill' you guys softly without you noticing it.

4) Keep away from alcohol, drugs and cigarette : Women have weaker lungs if to compare with men. Second hand smoke will kill us quickly than the smoker himself. Alcohol and drugs will change your life thoroughly. If you love you partner, keep away from those listed above.

A woman can be a gentle creature but a worst enemy...

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