Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choosing is difficult....

I love my current school. I love teaching so much and I adore my students. But when it comes to priority, my family will come first. My father-in-law has not been well these few years and my husband asks me to move in closer to him. So I try my best to search for the right school.

Choosing the best school is not easy because there are so many choices and I don't really know the environment of the new schools. So, I just browse on the internet to find useful information about some schools that are closer to my new house.

I've found few interesting schools but still I couldn't make the right decision of choosing the correct one. I feel comfortable in my current school. I know how it feels to be a newcomer in a new place. Actually, I do need a change in my own 'environment'. I do need to feel new air and surroundings because teaching is basically the same thing I do every single day for the pass 8 years.

I know that leaving all the comfort that I have these 4 years in my current school will lead to another level of 'comfort' in my new school. I will once again be a new teacher, a new face and a newcomer that will have to do all the junior's work in my new school. Than thoughts make me shudder a bit.

I have been through 3 different schools with 3 different environment and surroundings. Whether the students or even the teachers, I have experienced them all. Hmmm....that does say something about me...I don't really like to be suffocated too long in one place. I do need a change...

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