Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Teardrop won't change anything...

Yesterday we received a very bad news. Someone will be coming to 'rule' our lives back. I don't really feel comfortable with the news and like usual, I tend to flow with my own mood. But despite our thoughts and efforts, there's nothing we could do for the verdict has already taken place. The new one will be coming real soon.

When we are dealing with sudden issues, what should we do? Thinking...smilling...negotiating...or perhaps just letting go of it could be the right choice. I don't know why I don't feel happy for it. We have learned to accept our Ma'am (that's what I like to refer her as) for at least a year now. Many cases and incidents happened during her term, but she has handled them like a pro. We love her now and doesn't want her to go. But our 'higher level ruler' (I like to use that term) thinks the other one should be here instead of her.

Letting her go like watching my mom go. Tears fell down the cheeks as she spoke of leaving us under the new ruler. Actually, the new one used to be our ruler. And of course there are advantages and disadvantages. But most of us feel like there are more to learn from her. We don't want to let her go!

What a waste! She has done so many good things in changing the attitude problems among our 'children'. We really need her guidance and hope that she won't leave us like that. But, what a must will be a must. We have to accept the fate. So, I hope that she will be happy for I adore and respect her with all my heart

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