Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reading books vs watching movies....

During my teaching years, I have not really into reading because of my busy schedule. But recently, one of my students brought Breaking Dawn to school. I was fascinated by the story that she told me. So, I borrowed the book for few days and I fell in love again.

I used to watch Harry Potter and other movies based on popular books. But nothing seems to attract me to read the books. On the other hand, Twilight Saga has some kind of spell that put me under its charm and magic. I don't why I'm so into that whole ideas of vampires...

Reading somehow helps us to visualize things creatively and there's no limit to our imagination. After watching the movies : Part 1 until Part 3, I realized that I like reading more. This is because the movie is limited but the book is outstanding and the plot is written beautifully.

Although watching movies can help us to relax our mind, reading can provide much more to our imaginative side of our brain. I found out that reading can be addictive. Reading also can help ease my mind and body. But sometimes, I do love watching action movies rather than romantic movies. Action movies help my adrenaline to go beyond and I will be energetic somehow (I don't know how...).

Watching comedies will help me to cope better with my life. Living as a mother, a wife and a teacher can be hectic, so I need some kind of 'medication' that will heal my wounds. Life is hard. So, I need to do something in order not to fall down and fail in life. Both reading books and watching movies are great activities for me. I'm sure many of us out there are having fun while watching their favourite movies in the cinema regardless what kind of movie it is. Have fun!!!

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