Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh Gosh!

Letting it go
It feels like my heart is being crashed,
Letting it go
It feels like my mind is being smashed.

Why is it so hard?
Why do I feel such pain?
Although the things happened
were not really my sin!

I look into his eyes
I feel calm and cool,
Like having some ice
on a snowy day which is so cold.

Loving you is the best thing
that could've happened to me,
Loving you is the way
to cure my misery inside of me.

Friends might come and go
Foes might also stab you,
But I wish you'd stay
Till the death comes between me and you.

I will always be so sure
That you'd always be fair,
For our love is so pure
and you'd always be there.

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