Friday, August 20, 2010

No more tears....

seems dull
seems less
if you're gone.

I have to go through
all the way...yet again!

would it be great
if you knew how we
want you to be here...

just a plain human
living in the same world
here in the same place.

are going away
leaving us behind
without turning back.

How sad it is
watching you go
letting you down
having misty eyes.

How deep it is
your wound is still there
won't let you get away
hurting every step you'll take.

Bye for now,
hope we'll meet again
in the future
we might say.

Bye for now,
you're the most amazing lady
I've ever met
during these sadistic years
I've ever been.

Hope you'll be safe,
be strong for the life
is still a battle
for you to conquer.



Kay EmoLove said...

Never be afraid
As I am here, by your side
Catching you when you trip
And to never let you fall

Never feel alone
As I am here, within reach
Filling your heart
With love and joy

Never shed a tear
As i am here, for you
Lending you my shoulders
To tell you how ugly you look when you cry

Never feel sad
As I am here, with you
Making a fool of myself
To put a smile on your face

Never ever forget
As I have crossed my heart
Making these promises
To show you how much you mean to me

sophietarmizi said...

waaa....u actually put my tears on back....thnx for the lovely words...really2 appreciate them...


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