Thursday, August 5, 2010

My dearest...

Hopping and jumping
Rolling and running
The twins are having fun
Playing under the sun.

Twisting and pulling
Yelling and laughing
Doesn't seem a bad thing
If they start playing.

I couldn't help myself
but to join them
To laugh and to play
Behave in such a way.

My daughter's smile is just like a flower
Blossoming in a sunny day.
My son's voice is so tender
When he says - I love you Mommy.

The day seems bright
The sun shines brighter
And the wind blows like it has no end.

Loving family is essential to me
To be loved and to be in love
and to do everything together.
Living in a loving family
is like having a feast
Every single day until the end.

May God bless us
May God wish upon us
The happier and the better
we shall be.

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