Thursday, August 26, 2010

Money vs Looks

This morning I listened to a discussion on how can money affect people's life. Whether marrying a person because of money or looks will affect the lives the people involved.

Some listeners do agree that marrying someone because of money will determine their future. It will be brighter than marrying a handsome / beautiful person but lack of money in the pocket. Sometimes I do believe that money can solve problems. But still, money is the sources of many problems among couples / spouses.

Whether you like or not, money will influence your life and your future. In thie new era, money seems to have control of everything. Even if you want to walk into a toilet, you'll have to pay some amount of money. In Malaysia itself, money is needed in every single way of life. Car park, toilets, mineral water and so on. Not to mention if you have so many kids to attend to. The diapers, milk, nurseries and the education fees seem to bother many parents nowadays.

I have problem with money too. It doesn't bother me much but I do agree that I feel insecured lately because of economical downfall. I wish that I could be better during my schooling years so that I can get a better work. Not to say that I don't like teaching anymore, but life ahead seems a bit difficult if I couldn't afford to help my family to be better.

Well, it's up to you to get married just because of money or the looks. But still, your choice will affect both you life and your partner's. Don't ever let money be the issue in your marriage. Sit down and start to watch the flow of your money spent every month. Money can be a good servant but a cruel master...(quoted from a DJ)

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