Thursday, August 19, 2010

It is true...isn't it?...-sigh-

Humans are alike...that what some might say. But are we doing the same things...thinking the ways...or maybe choosing the correct one? Those are the questions that hit my head today after having a light discussion with my friends.

We had a small argument about something and I decided to do it on my own way despite all the facts that they have given me. I think humans are alike at some points but different in many ways...especially in living one's life.

I like simple things...simple food...simple life...and me being simple seems to give quite few people in school a headache. I don't really want to complicate things but some of them tend to complicate my life. That's why sometimes I feel like lucky to have my personal place in the school...The LIBRARY.

I'm in charge of the library. So, I have a room there for myself (Lucky me!). I don't really have to listen all the grumbles and some confidential stuff in the staffroom. Not that I'm a cast away, but I do really enjoy being 'trapped' in the library instead of having to talk about something I don't like.

Being me means being a big hypocrite. Really Big One!...Living as an adult I can see that we have to struggle in life in so many ways. Asian people don't really like sarcasm, criticisms, instructions, commands or threats. Only a number of people can handle those things quite easily. I can take all those things easily but will never forget words that hit my feelings. But, I don't have any grudge if my mistakes lead me to recieving any of the above.

Sometimes, life does suck! People on the above of the society Hierarchy would be the one who can decide all the things when it's involving the citizen's life. Most of the time we don't really like their decisions, but we have to endure and play safe along the way so that our lives will not be jeopardized by them. It's unfair though. For me, I will always be in the middle. I don't really take sides. I just want to live in a peace way so that I won't think life makes me miserable.

So, humans are not really alike, aren't we? Still, we have to live under the same sun, the same sky as long as we breathe the same air. Try to be harmonious, try to accept the other people's ways of life and we can live in PEACE!

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