Monday, August 23, 2010

Is it enough?

This morning I heard a quite interesting topic being discussed in a radio station. I like to listen to all the comments made by the listeners as I drive my way to the school every single morning. So, this morning was the same.

How much money is enough for you? It is about getting a salary / pay check after working hard for a month. I heard various comments and some of them were not satisfied with their incomes per month. I do agree with some of them.

Living in this materialistic world can be a headache and we are trying so hard to cope with hard life every single minute. We have to pay all the bills, the rent, buy food and clothes. Not to forget about education. Life's getting harder everyday. I can see that our salaries are not really enough for us to save some for our retirement.

What about money that can make people go crazy for some reasons? Well, my head seems to burst out if I keep thinking about money to pay all the materials that I have to cover. It might be easy if the economical issues are being taken care by the people who have been voted by the people. Still, money is still the big issue everywhere. Poverty is not being looked at as a serious issue for some rich people. I know that earning money is hard, but it is generous to give some to the needy.

Well, I heard another quotation few days back : Money can't buy love...but we need money to afford buying things for the people that we love. Ironic, isn't it?

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