Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have a break...

Ali walked along a street one night. Suddenly, he met an old man looking for something under a lamp post. Ali stopped by for he felt pity.

Ali:             What are you searching for?
Old man:    I'm searching for my wallet. I dropped it somewhere.
Ali:             I'll help you.

After half an hour...

Ali:             I can't seem to find it here. Was this the correct place?
Old man:    Emmm...I think I dropped it there... (pointing at the darker side of the road)
Ali:             Well...we should be searching there.
Old man:    What's the point? There's no light there!
Ali:             -SIGH-

Ali went to a night market one day. He brought his youngest son which is only five years old.

Son:    Dad...why there are so many people here?
Ali:     They want to buy food and other things.
Son:    Dad...why is the woman reaching out her hand?
Ali:      She is asking for money. You see, she doesn't have enough money to support her life. She is poor.
Son:    Well...I guess mom is poor too.
Ali:      And why is that?
Son:    Every morning she has to reach out to your wallet on the cupboard to take some money.
Ali:      Erk...

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