Sunday, August 8, 2010


I thought I have lost the touch on reading materials. But it seems that I can handle a quite thick book in my busy schedule. Reading has always been my favourite hobby. I used to read many novels during my schooling years. But as I grow older and busier, I tend to let it slip away.

Recently, I watched Eclipse... the hottest movie in 2010. After watching it, I felt like I need to know what will happen next. So, I have to find the 4th book. Finding it in store is quite difficult because there are so many followers who bought the book. Lucky me, one of my students lent me the book. I spent my whole weekend just to finish the whole book. Breaking Dawn is quite amazing. The language is okay and the plot is nice. I felt like I was there to witness the whole scene.

Reading is not the same as watching movie. It helps me to explore the storyline by using my imagination. Not many people like to use their right brains in term of imagining things. But for me, if you know how to use your right brain, you will somehow can cater to your left brain.

Right Brain is more towards reading, imagining things, self-thinking and emotional related activities. But Left Brain is more on logical thinking, numbers and theory. For someone who loves language very much, I do use most of my right brain every single day. I just can simply read books and be mesmerized by the content of it. Using your brain wisely in any situation is vital for you to do the calculation, judgment, choices and maybe in terms of your love life.

Reading is actually helping both of your right and left brain to function well. Many students argue with me about it. And they have already been told over and over again : Reading is the doorway to the ultimate knowledge. Nowadays, we have so many websites that we can use to search for information for our needs. But still, reading books can help in the process to search for accurate information. This is because, the author of the book has spend quality of time to collect all the information before the book can be published. The materials in most of the education books can be used as the concrete evidence when it comes to writing an assignment or a thesis. So, reading is essential especially those in the university level doing their diplomas or degrees, or even for other higher level of education.

So, the bottom of the line : Reading doesn't create a nerd, but it helps the nerd to become one of the most successful people ever existed in our society.

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