Saturday, August 7, 2010

Emmm....what else can I say?

I like to teach Grammar in class. I think it is important to know the basic before the students can create nice sentences. One day, I went into a class and the lesson was about Simple Perfect Tense with : is, are, was, were, has, have, had plus the past participle.

Examples were given on the white board:
1. The cake was baked by my mother.
2. She has prepared a speech.
3. The ceremony is handled by the organization

After more than 10 sentences given with the explanation (each was different), I asked my students to make a sentence by using any of the words listed.
5 minutes were given.
My students are intermediate students in term of English proficiency. So the answers were quite okay and some of them were hilarious like these:

1. My mother was baked in the kitchen.
2. My cat was eaten the fish.
3. The car has driven on the road.

I could not even laugh because it took me half an hour to explain and they said they understood well but it only took them  five minutes to ruin my day. What a day!

But I do love teaching so I taught them again and again. For almost one week they finally knew how to handle the Simple Perfect Tense.

In teaching, patience is a virtue. I can teach anyone but not my twins. I don't know why because I will easily be mad at them. I heard the same from few of my colleagues. They also said teaching their own children is different than teaching someone else's children.

But still, I hope my twins will be better day by day because I would monitor their progress every single day. And the important part is that I trusted their teachers to teach them well.

Sometimes we do need other people's help in our life for we are just human beings who are not really perfect!

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