Monday, August 2, 2010

Eating live longer

Some of my colleagues seldom see me eating white rice at the canteen during our break. They used to ask me why I don't eat rice anymore.

I used to fancy white rice and nasi lemak with hot sambal. Nasi Lemak which is rich with coconut milk has all the fat it should provide you. After four years after giving birth to my twins, I couldn't get back into my shape. I love eating so much until I gain weight.

One day, I couldn't breathe properly after having lunch in school. I feel terrified for I felt pain in my chest. Later I went to the Doctor and I didn't like the remarks made by him ....I was overweight. Some people might say that I do look okay, but my heart doesn't allow me to.

I asked my huband. He replied, "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but it is true." Lucky for me, he sent me to a famous place to lose some stubborn fat at some parts of my body. I used to be an athlete. So the fat cannot be removed easily. I followed the diet for almost 1 whole year to lose only 10 kgs. I have low metobolism rates, so it was hard for me to lose weight.

So, after not eating white rice for almost 6 months, I now understand that white rice is not the only source of food for me to be in a better shape and health. I feel healthier and stronger. I could walk faster and climb the stairs quickly without having a short of breath.
I would like to share some tips that I learnt in that losing weight programme that I have received for 1 year.

Breakfast : 6.30 am until 7.00 am. Don't skip breakfast. You'll tend to eat more during lunch if you skip breakfast.
1. A glass of milk or any drinks that can give you enough energy.
2. A bowl of cereals - don't exceed one bowl. Put it according to the given quantity.
    2 slices of bread - toast is better.
    A bowl of oat - with or without fruits or other things

If you feel hungry.....Take 2 - 3 pieces of crackers at 10.00 - 10.30 am.

Lunch: 12.00 p.m - 2.00 pm
After 2.00 p.m, the food will be stored as fat. So, it is easy to become overweight if you skip your lunch.
1. Choose any type of food. But skip white rice. You can eat anything as long as in small amount.
2. I like to eat Tom Yam with rice vermicelli in it. With plenty of vegetables. I like it hot and spicy for it will 
    make me sweating and I have to drink a lot of water.
3. Fruits and vegetables are good for you too.
*** If you want to eat white rice, eat once a week.It will never harm you if you skip rice for few days.
4. Drink plain water or fruit juice without sugar.

Tea time : 4.30 pm
3 - 5 pieces of crackers with hot Milo or Tea.

Dinner: 6.30 - 8.00 pm. Don't exceed 8.00 pm for the food will be stored as fat.
1. Mild dinner : soup, grilled chicken, salad and fruits.
2. Drink plain water.
3. Eat accordingly. In small amount.

If you are hungry by 11 pm onwards, eat fruits or a bowl of oat. It will certainly fill in your hunger.

Nowadays, I can maintain my weight although I cannot be in my shape again. But the important thing is, I feel healthy and I can wear clothes comfortably without worries anymore. My family is my motivation. I don't want anything to happen to my health before I can enjoy living as a wife and a mother.

Changing your diet needs motivation and strong will. Think of your heart. You can eat anything you like, but make sure eat sensibly.

***Durian provides  more carbohydrates than you should need.
***A banana is not suitable for you if you are trying to lose weight.

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