Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I went to the store
Trying to get some stuff
Instead, I stopped at the shore
While eating a tasty cream puff.

I started to wonder;
Why I’m here?
I started to say
Oh, I’m just feeling OKAY!

I need a break
I need a rest;
After walking miles and miles
Far away from my nest.

Then I saw few children there
Smiling and laughing,
Building a big castle made out of the sand,
Although the sun might not be their fan.

Suddenly a man walked towards me
Giving a big smile on his handsome face:
What to do? What to say?
He was not so far from my place!

He had black shades on,
Just like Brad Pitt or maybe Tom Cruise.
My heart started to sway
Like a Titanic or any other cruise.

Then I realized, he is not what I thought
He could be;
Because he was holding a long white stick:
Then I shouted to myself…
He’s BLIND!!! (but he was happy, though)

I need a break!
I need a rest!
Even other people are making fun of me!
I really need to appreciate myself just for me!
Don’t you dare to underestimate me!
I wish I could smile like that blind man
Although my life won’t let ME!!!

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