Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Look into my eyes
What would you see?
A fire, a storm, a hurricane
Or am I insane?

Look into my heart
What can be found?
A tear, a hate, a love
Or even a heart which has been broken.

I know you hate me,
I know you like me;
I know you know me,
But do you really know me?

The world is big
The world is not yours
But still it seems to revolve around you
I heard you said it too.

Don’t mind me
Don’t tease me
Don’t take me for granted
For I am my family’s pearl.

You might hate me
You might burn me
You might even step on me
But you cannot take away ‘me’.

I can see in your eyes
That you don’t really seem to be
What you said you are to be.
I can see in your heart
That you are actually terrified;
Of something that you cannot
Hold or grab.

I don’t mind
I don’t really care
As long as I am ‘mine’
I would do anything
That can bring peace to my mind.
Love can be sought.
Love can be fought.
The same goes with friendship that
I used to think it would.

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