Monday, July 26, 2010

Friend in need

Recently, I've been asked by my student about how to handle friends who like to boast around about their wealth and fancy things that they have. I said to her that friends can be found anywhere, but you have to learn to have privacy in your own 'bubble' or 'circle'

1) Bubble or circle means that you have your own personal room for your own perception, action
or even your own characteristics.
2) Sometimes, we do let people who are very close to us to walk into our circle with hope that
they will become our best friends.
3) But, little we know that some of that friends might stab us from behind without us knowing it
or even we don't want to acknowledge it.
4) We might say that they hurt us because they hate us... SO : Why don't we say that they hurt
our feelings just because they envy us. It might be because we have talents that they don't
have ...or even our brains are smarter than theirs.

So, I said to her... learn to love yourself first before letting anyone walks into your bubble.
Sometimes, the time spent alone is priceless rather than listening to all the nonsense uttered by that kind of person which is trying so hard to make us jealous of things that we have already had.

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